Life in the Central Valley during the summer can be extremely hot. There are days or weeks that temperatures can reach over 100 degrees and finding a way to cool off with the family or friends is a must. In fact, it’s a priority. Most of us go through the week, trying to beat the heat some way or another. By the weekend, we just want to cool off somehow. The best places to go during the summer heat is wherever there is water. The nearby reservoirs or lakes provide an excellent place to relax, BBQ, and most importantly, swim in the water to beat the summer heat. These lakes or reservoirs can include Modesto Reservoir, Woodward Reservoir, Tulloch Lake (Reservoir), Turlock Lake, San Luis Reservoir, Los Banos Reservoir, Lake Don Pedro, Yosemite Lake (aka Merced Lake), The San Joaquin Delta, Lake Comanche, and New Melones Lake. People take their boats or jet skis out to these various lakes or reservoirs to have a fun time, relax, and take a nice cool dip in the water. Often, along with jet skis or boats, tubing or water skiing is also an activity that most of us enjoy. It’s fun, but there are hidden dangers with these types of activities. Inevitably, accidents happen while on boats, jet skis, water skis, or tubing. Boats and jet skis can crash into one another. A rider on a jet ski can be thrown off by a driver that was going too fast. Someone water skiing or tubing can get hurt in any number of ways. Injuries can occur in many scenarios. At The Law Firm of R. Sam, we have handled these types of cases before and can help you get the medical treatment you need. At The Law Firm of R. Sam, we will do everything we can to fight for you and get you the compensation you deserve. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. That’s why our motto is: Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed. Call us now for a free consultation!


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