dog and animial attacks ATTORNEY

A dog or animal bite can be something as small as lacerations or puncture wounds to more serious injuries, like disfigurement or loss of limbs. In some more serious cases, it can even lead to death. Dog bites are common these days. The injured victims usually know the owner, such as family member or a friend. In that sense, the injured victims are extremely hesitant in pursuing that matter further that might financially hurt their family or friend. We understand this dilemma and we are very sensitive to the complications with pursuing a family or friend. In typical cases, the family or friend has some type of homeowner’s or renter’s insurance that we may access to get you compensation for your injuries. These types of insurances are purchased by the dog owner for this very reason, just in case something happens, like being attacked by a dog. Not only can a dog bite result in severe physical injuries, but the emotional injuries are serious as well. Being attacked by anything or any person, is a very scary experience. Being attacked by a dog that is biting you and tearing away flesh and causing disfigurement is an extremely spine-chilling experience. At that moment, survival is your main goal. Afterwards, the emotional trauma can linger for days, weeks, or even years. At The Law Firm of R. Sam, we have dealt with many dog bite cases. If you or somebody you know has been attacked by a dog or an animal, call us immediately to talk to an attorney! We have the resources to help you get the medical treatment and psychological treatment that you need. If you need a plastic surgeon, we can help with that as well. After we have helped you with physical and emotional trauma, we can fight for you against the insurance companies! We can help you get compensation for your injuries. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. That’s why our motto is: Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed. Call us now for a free consultation!


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