Motor vehicle accidents with a pedestrian usually result in very serious injuries. A motor vehicle weighing anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 pounds, even at a very low rate of speed, can cause severe injuries to a human being. The injuries can be as small as back pain, neck pain, leg pain, but more often than not, the injuries are more serious, such as broken bones, head trauma, disfigurement or decapitation. These accidents require extensive investigation regarding liability. This is usually a main point of contention by the insurance company. A pedestrian is usually on the road when this occurs, most of the time attempting to cross the street. Immediately after these accidents, pictures must be taken, witnesses must be located, evidence must be preserved such as the torn clothing, the damage to the automobile, road debris, etc. The injured victim is usually in no shape to do any of these things. You need a personal injury attorney who knows what to do immediately in these types of cases. Going out to the scene of the accident may be necessary. Retaining an accident reconstruction expert to reconstruct the accident may be a crucial step in helping you win your case! At the Law Firm of R. Sam, we have the experience, knowledge, and aggressiveness to fight for you and for the compensation you deserve. Remember: Injured in a Traffic Jam, Call R. Sam. We offer free consultations, so you have nothing to lose!


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