Slip or trip and fall accidents are particularly difficult to prosecute. These types of cases present several different problems that can kill your case before it even starts. Most of the time, people are going about their daily routine, walking around the local grocery stores, the public sidewalk, a department store, or someone’s house, and we expect that these areas are clear from any dangers. These dangers can include anything from liquid spilled on the floor, some hidden object that isn’t supposed to be there, a raised sidewalk due to a tree branch, a crack or hole in the sidewalk, etc. We don’t see it and we slip or trip on it causing us personal injuries. Obviously, we don’t go around seeing dangerous conditions and intentionally slipping or tripping on it! The injuries can range from simple back pain to a broken arm or leg. We don’t normally think, hey we need to take a picture of the dangerous condition we fell on because we are more worried about our injuries. This is where the difficulty starts in prosecuting your case. We understand that you may be too injured or worried about the accident to take these pictures. We know that! But fortunately, if you call us, we will take the necessary steps as quickly as possible to preserve the evidence in your case. Time is of the essence in these types of cases! A hole in a sidewalk will be immediately repaired by the owner! Water left on the ground that you slipped on, will be immediately cleaned up by the owner. Anything that caused your slip or trip and fall will usually be repaired immediately. What happens then? The evidence is gone. What do you do now? Contact us! We may still be able to help. Video surveillance tape may still exist, but time is of the essence because it could be erased if steps are not taken immediately. The owner may have called a contractor to fix the sidewalk. We can get there before and take measurements. We can notify the owner to preserve the evidence! At The Law Firm of R. Sam, we will take immediate steps to help win your case! Call us immediately for a free consultation!


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