Child SupportIf you are expecting or are receiving money from your personal injury settlement, you should know that your child support payments may affect how much money you ultimately receive. There could be many reasons why you are behind on your child support payment. Whether or not they are legitimate reasons doesn’t matter. You are required to keep up with your child support payments. If you don’t, the State has the right to assert a lien on your personal injury settlement for any accumulated child support back pay. There are two terms you should be familiar with: (1) an arrear; and (2) a lien. An arrear is when you are behind in the discharge of an obligation. A lien is a right to keep possession of property belonging to another person until the debt that is owed by that person is discharged.

So, if a person is behind on child support, they are in arrears. The State can then assert a lien on their property, for example, a personal injury settlement. The questions then are how much is the State going to take? All of it? Part of it? How do you pay for medical expenses you incurred as the result of the accident? How do you pay for your attorney’s fees? Do you get anything? While there are no simple answers to these questions, we can help you legally maneuver through all these questions. There are ways to get your medical bills and attorney fees paid. There are also ways to get you paid as well. Our goal is to get you money in your pocket, so we can help with all these matters. The Law Firm of R. Sam will get you as much compensation as possible, even after resolving all these issues. Contact The Law Firm of R. Sam for a free information on child support and personal injury settlements. Remember, Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.